About us

The Hathwa Enclave where Hathwa Imperial Public School is situated needs no introduction to the people of Digha. Hathwa Raj’s castle was situated here in yester years.


A Pressing need of today is inculcating moral values in such a way that it becomes a way of life. The mission of the school will be achieve this.


On the banks of the Holy River Ganga, in Digha, flourishes Hathwa Imperial Public School, a school totally committed to education par excellence.

Welcome To Hathwa Imperial Public School

Hathwa Imperial Public School lies on the banks of the Ganga in Digha. Digha situated on the outskirts of Patna, stretches along the majestic Ganga river. On one end of digha is the age old Danapur Cantonment, while on the other end is the 19th century St. Michael’s School well known to the people of Bihar and the famous Holy Family Hospital, Kurji. Digha a household name for mango lovers’ for its superior quality malda mangoes, is also a known name from the early days of British Rule as Digha Ghat was the main trading point for the goods coming by steamers from outside India through Bengal.

I extend my good wishes for the intellectual, physical, ethical and moral development of the students and the Institution at large. We all are here making efforts to maintain the sanctity and ethos for which this Institution was established. The website which has been developed for all to stay informed on what's happening at the school including, policy under review, programme updates and discussions around new initiatives to improve student's success. Education is a shared responsibility; hence I welcome and encourage your participation in our future endeavours.

M.B.M.P. Sahi