Hathwa Imperial Public School lies on the banks of the Ganga in Digha. Digha situated on the outskirts of Patna, stretches along the majestic Ganga river. On one end of digha is the age old Danapur Cantonment, while on the other end is the 19th century St. Michael’s School well known to the people of Bihar and the famous Holy Family Hospital, Kurji. Digha a household name for mango lovers’ for its superior quality malda mangoes, is also a known name from the early days of British Rule as Digha Ghat was the main trading point for the goods coming by steamers from outside India through Bengal. The Ghat received and dispatched all goods being imported and exported and also was honoured when sri Mahatma Gandhi boarded the steamer here on his maiden Champaran visit. The much awaited Rail Road Link coming up by 2014 will serve as a lifeline for North Bihar connecting it to the rest of India by rail. So Digha has always been and will continue being on the map of India


The school was established in 2007. In this short span of time it made a name for itself not only in Digha but in places near about too. Be it in academics or co-curricular activities H.I.P.S., Digha's positive impact cannot go unnoticed. In whichever Inter school event Karate competition, Painting competition, Debate competition, Sports events, General Knowledge competition students have participated, they have come back with laurels for their school. Our school alumni are being selected in the very first lot of the top schools of Patna. So in this short period H.I.P.S., Digha has achieved a lot.

About Hathwa Imperial Public School

The Hathwa Enclave where Hathwa Imperial Public School is situated needs no introduction to the people of Digha. Hathwa Raj’s castle was situated here in yester years. The older generations have spent their childhood playing in the orchards of the castle and the new generation has heard plenty of tales of the castle of bygone days.

About Hathwa Imperial Public School

The castle no longer exists but on its premises stands Hathwa Imperial Public School, a school totally committed to its motive of educating its students to the fullest. It is the school's Endeavour to see that each alumnus grows up into a perfect human being. All sorts of modern teaching aids are utilized to see its students going ahead, keeping in perfect pace of time. This English medium co-educational school with its updated academic procedures, full dedication to quality education will march on making every academic session better than the last. Nothing will deter HIPS from achieving its goal.

Name Address Occupation Designation Term Of Membership

Name & Official Address Of The Manager

Mrs. Rita Sinha

Mrs. Rita Sinha, 33 Hathwa Enclave, Digha


[email protected]

Head Of Sexual Harassment Committee

Mrs. Rita Sinha

Members of Sexual Harassment Committee

1. Mrs. Mamta Kumari.

2. Sri Bharat Prasad

Grievance/Redressal Officer

Mr. Amit Kumar Singh

 Contact No - 7481982991

Legal Details :

  • Affiliation Type : Provisional
  • Date of Affiliation : April 01, 2012
  • Affiliation Number : 330426
  • Affiliation with the Board since : 01-April-2012
  • Extension of affiliation up to : 31-March-2020
  • NOC No : 519/10/N 4-40/2011
  • NOC Date : June 30, 2011
  • Running Under Trust : ‘HR’ Digha Shivallaya Charitable Trust